The Molesworth Gallery

Gabhann Dunne


Gabhann Dunne, Dee's pillow, oil on board, gold, textile, 10 x 15cm




Gabhann Dunne, Durragh, oil on board, 10 x 15cm


Magenta Honey
May 1st - June 20th, 2015

at the LAB, Foley St, Dublin 1


Informing Gabhann Dunne’s practice is a broad spectrum of authors, social commentators and ecologists such as John Gray, Mark Rowlands and Emma Marris. Painting is not used analytically but to interrogate how different forms or techniques can be used with each other to create tension, power and the sacred. Imagery leaks from the canvas onto walls and floors, anchoring the work in the space of its showing, a loop of flowers, a small pillow to break the fall of a painted animal. While the subject of the work may seem overly dark and nihilistic there is humour here, compassion, apology and a desire to protect. Magenta Honey is the result of Dunne’s Residency on Bull Island - designated since 1981 by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. It is the only Biosphere Reserve in the world situated entirely in a capital city.
This exhibition is accompanied by a specially commissioned text by Nathan Hugh O’Donnell, writer and editor of Paper Visual Arts Journal.


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